2021 CRUISER SKATEBOARDS ART Gloss Limited Edition

Cruiser III series

1) Sold Out 2) Serendipity Flag 3) Red Planet 4) Green Planet 5) Derby 6) Boom time 7) Difference 8) Indifference 9) Black Liberty

A 3rd series 2021 by the artist Schena, inspired by his works fine art, entitled: “From an artwork comes out another artwork”.

9 Original artworks, signed and stamped by the artist.
Print on Skateboard – Hand signed + COA 2021
Limited edition of 5 copies worldwide for each model.

These 9 handmade Skates comes signed and numbered by Skaynah.
Medium : Archival Print on Cold Pressed Steep Natural Skate Deck – Hand Made
Consisting of 5 layers in beech and 2 layers in maple
“From an artwork comes out another artwork”

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